MEMO-Telescopes increase safety of valve actuation and prevent damages to the pipe system by indicating the valve's closing range visually at the top of the telescope by colour permanently and distinctly.

Since MEMO is integrated into the operating head of the telescope, the open or shut position of the valve is indicated instantly when the surface box is opened.
During shutting procedure movement within the display indicates the start of the valve's shut-off zone. This prevents component overload.

The same principle applies to valve opening. The open position is distinctly indicated also. MEMO's mechanical memory module operates independently from valve design or nominal size. During the initial shutting and opening of the valve, MEMO's memory mechanically saves the necessary number of turns of the valve it is mounted on. It is then completely protected against manipulation.

The entire construction of MEMO is sealed against contamination of water and dirt and finished with the highest demands towards quality and reliability. All components used are assembled in a tensionless state, assuring longevity and secure functionality.

MEMO supplements the wide range of advantages of KETTLER KIT telescopic spindle systems. KIT is applicable to most nominal sizes, cover depths and valve designs. It can be extended retroactively without the use of any tools and may be disassembled into its basic modular components quickly and conveniently. By using KIT, flexibility at the construction site is maximised while stock inventory is reduced significantly.

KETTLER spindle extension telescopes are complemented by reflecting marking flags and the option of fitting a variety of marking-clips to the top of the telescopes.
Naturally a permanent enclosure of KETTLER telescopes and MEMO against contamination of foreign matters ensure maximum longevity.