KIT-Telescopic Spindle System

KIT-Telescopic Spindle System

Time is officially up for unmanageable numbers and varieties of spindle extensions. KETTLER developed the revolutionary KIT-System, ensuring technological superiority by means of a highly efficient, secure, compact, practical and durable product range.

All single components, KIT-Telescope, KIT-Coupling-Module, KIT-Extension and KIT-Angle-Module, are reciprocally designed to work together perfectly. All modules are part of the KIT-System and represent a previously unknown flexibility of spindle extensions. KIT is available for service valves as well as gate, butterfly and ball valves between DN 40 and DN 300 and can compensate most constructional situations by use of its modular system. Reinforced Super-KIT models are available to operate valves larger than DN 300.

By application of coupling modules KIT's cover depth can be extended by simple and tool-free plug on and lock mechanics. Complicated construction situations can be overcome by use of an angle module, enabling lateral alignment of the spindle extension.

KIT Telescopic Spindle System considerably reduces stock of inventory while maximising handling, flexibility and most of all practical value for you.

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