Valve actuator

Valve actuator

KETTLER-torcbrain is an innovative and user-friendly portable valve actuator. It can be used for communal or industrial inspection and maintenance to actuate valves and hydrants above and below the ground, as well as in manholes. KETTLER-torcbrain is mobile, reliable and precise.

KETTLER-torcbrain distinguishes itself from the competition by its small and light build, which makes handling more convenient, even in situations where tight spaces are an issue.

Rattling and vibrations are a matter of the past. The planetary gearbox, 4-speed selection and a delicate drive regulation system enable fast and slow operation, immediate and precise. KETTLER-torbrain torque wrenches turn off on the spot, are maintenance free and may be equipped with a telescopic drive rod, cardan joint, hand wheel adaptors and a variety of torque supports. All insets are available in rust-proof materials.

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